International Hybrid Rice
Symposium 2018

27-28 February - 1 March 2018   Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Indonesian Agency for Agricultural Research and Development

Founded in 1974, IAARD is a top-level unit within the Ministry of Agriculture. The agency's functions are performed by eleven research and centers with main function to manage research and development on food crops, horticulture, estate crops, livestock, veterinary, soil and agro-climate, agro-socio economics, machinery development, post-harvest, biotechnology and agricultural technology assessment.

IAARD also manages five institutes focusing on estate crops, grouped under the Indonesian Research Institute for Estate Crops (IRIEC). These cover research on oilpalm, rubber, tea and cinchona, coffee and cacao, and sugar. While IRIEC is not formally part of IAARD, it is managed through the agency, and the head of IAARD is an ex officio member of the IRIEC board.

IAARD's national research centers and institutes undertake strategic research, aiming to develop policy alternatives and technology components. They then pass their findings on to the agency's Assessment Institutes for Agricultural Technology (AIATs) in each province for testing. Since the AIATs are located close to the areas they serve, they are able to adapt the technology to suit each location so farmers will be able to adopt it quickly. Recently there are 31 AIATs located throughout provinces in the country.

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International Hybrid Rice Symposium

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